Smoothing Wellness Therapy

AQUA HEALING is a very gentle yet extremely powerful healing therapy. Anybody can receive and benefit from AQUA HEALING regardless of age. AQUA HEALING is a smoothing wellness therapy and also a therapy to prevent disease and chronic ailments such as back aches, muscular pains and headaches etc., Relief from anxiety, sleeping disorders, stress and depression too can be obtained by receiving AQUA HEALING .

The Therapist will float the receiver face upwards in 3-4 feet of water, ensuring that the receiver is totally comfortable and has complete freedom of movement aided with the buoyancy of water. This would also eliminate any aqua phobia or fear of water.

They apply various carefully researched and proven techniques to relieve mental and physical stress. The relieving of stress will create an ideal state for mental energizing. The deep calmness so achieved, revitalizes the receiver in body and spirit. The mind and body will be in perfect accordance, balanced and harmonized.

A person's cosmetic appearance too can be affected due to mental tension. A dull skin, dark rings round eyes and bags under the eyes are visible signs of stress and tension. All persons have a glow on their skin but it varies or does not come through due to mental stress. Concentration on the mind to activate its healing powers and emptying it of negative emotions results in a glowing skin. This can be easily achieved through AQUA HEALING which is 100% free of chemicals. The wonder that is the human mind has much energy and curative powers.