Even the word ambula, literally meaning "sour" in the Sinhalese language, ambula is a nutritious meal which is given to farmers in paddy fields. Sri Lanka was a totally agricultural country. So farmers played the main role in it. Farmers work in paddy fields covered with mud and when the lunch time comes, their wives used to bring lunch to paddy fields in woven baskets. So the farmers wash their mud and sit under a tree for lunch, where the meal is served by their wives on to a Lotus, Banana or Kanda leaf. a kanda leave.

Polos ambula (a green jack fruit curry), ambul thiyal ( fish soured with tamarind) and dhel ( breadfruit curry), are all popular choices in the ambula. Additionally, sambols made of coconut or green leaves with salt and lime added to it makes the meal complete and balanced. Dessert is often a couple of ambul kesel (a slightly sour variant of the banana). Dining fresh food surrounded by the beauty of nature makes your mind and body healthy.

When you travel with Sri Lanka Leisure Times, you can have an experience on an authentic delicious farmer’s lunch near a paddy field and the true Sri Lankan rural hospitality.