Hiriwadunna Village

Hiriwaduna is a village in North Centralprovince near by Habarana with approximately 2500 people. Spend your time with villagers and collect fabulous memories in a calm environment. Bullock Cart Ride through the village, passing paddy fields, lakes, streems is breath taking, and allow you to refresh you lungs with fresh air. These seasonal paddy cultivation are dependent on the two major monsoon rain periods (Yala Kanna, Maha Kanna) and farmers will be buried up to their knees in mud.

Wild elephants can be seen frequently in these periods as they come searching for food with fertile paddy fields. Watch towers are not rare around paddy fields where farmers guard crops all night from elephants and they yell as any elephant approaches. You can climb on a ladder to a watchtower and can get that experience too.

The traditional catamaran type boat will give you an authentic ride in a lake, with rich bio diversity. Water birds are common there and If you are lucky you will be able to see crocodiles, water monitor, and many indigenous birds during your village tour. You could also experience a real traditional rural meal that will give an unforgettable experience.

Rice cropped from their own paddy fields cooked in clay pots and served in lotus leaves will make you feel totally Sri Lankan.

Sri Lanka Leisure time is ready to guide you to this true Sri Lankan unspoiled cultural experience with unforgettable memories.